Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Movie Madness

This summer I have seen more movies in the theater then I've seen in the previous 12 months. In fact usually I'm quite frugal when it comes to the theater. However the combination of hot days, summer blockbusters, and air conditioned theaters brought me repeatedly to the theater. So here is my brief opinion of the five.

1. X-Men First Class- Fantastic good time. I loved seeing charactors as they developed and matured into what they were in the former X-Men movies. I especially enjoyed Mystique.

2. Super 8- If you like Speilberg, this movie is a much see flick. I cut my early scifi teeth on the classic ET and never looked back. This movie was brilliant. A mix of classic and modern beauty.

3. Transformers- Of the list, this shall be my least favorite. However, it was still epic. Indeed when one adds Leonard Nimoy's voice to the action packed movie overflowing with flying transforming vehicles, one gets a movie that is quite enjoyable.

4. Captain America- Set during World War II, it deals with both with the heavy topic of eugenics and the upliftingidea of the triumph of the underdog. Captain America was bigger than life and full of classic comic book essence, while bringing to life the WWII era.

5. The Help... Ok I haven't seen it yet, and I know it's not epic or action packed, but the themes that the movie will present hold great potential. Check out this review.