Books I Love and Why

Michelle Moran's Cleopatra's Daughter. The plot was delightful and daring. Add to it the Architecture, the merging of cultures and the people in the story. I was captivated. It is a definate re-read.

Ann McCaffrey's DragonSinger. Menolly is quite possibly my favorite person of Pern. Additionally it was my first book of Pern. After I read it, I frequented my local library until I had read every last Pern book available. Most of them I have read twice. This book in particular is my favorite. Harper Hall is amazing, MasterHarper Robinton is lovely, and as an introduction to Pern, I could ask of none better.

The Little Prince. Every Child is an artist, the trick is to remain one as an adult (Picasso?) As I re-read it yearly, it serves to remind me to live creatively and open my mind to new and unknown things. Everytime I read it, I learn something new.