Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Plans to Read all of Madeline L'Engle's Books

When I went online to help recall the other names in Madeline L’Engle’s Time Quintet, I learned that she passed away in September 2007. I know I was busy in grad school at that time, but I still can’t imagine how I missed it. She is one of my favorite authors and in honor of her I have decided that I want to read everything on her bibliography. That is 63 books. Now many of them I have read. Many of those However, many of them I scarcely remember more than the main idea. I think I shall reread the one’s I cannot remember and also discover the ones I have not read. My goal is to finish them by September 2010.
SO here is the list as it stands from her website. I shall keep track by crossing out the ones I have completed.
1.     18 Washington Square South: A Comedy in One Act, 1944

2.     The Small Rain, 1945

3.     Ilsa, 1946

4.     And Both Were Young, 1949

5.     Camilla Dickinson, 1951

6.     A Winter's Love, 1957

7.     Meet the Austins, 1960

8.     A Wrinkle in Time, 1962

9.     The Moon By Night, 1963

12.   Camilla, 1965

13.   The Love Letters, 1966

15.   The Young Unicorns, 1968

16.   Dance in the Desert, 1969

17.   Lines Scribbled on an Envelope and Other Poems, 1969

18.   The Other Side of the Sun, 1971

19.   A Circle of Quiet, 1972

20.   A Wind in the Door, 1973

21.   Everyday Prayers, 1974

22.   Prayers for Sunday, 1974

23.   The Risk of Birth, 1974

25.   Dragons in the Waters, 1976

26.   The Irrational Season, 1977

29.   Ladder of Angels, 1979

30.   The Anti-Muffins, 1980

33.   A Severed Wasp, 1982

34.   The Sphinx at Dawn, 1982

36.   A House Like a Lotus, 1984

37.   Trailing Clouds of Glory: Spiritual Values in Children's Literature, 1985 (with Avery Brooke)

38.   Many Waters, 1986

39.   A Stone for a Pillow: Journeys with Jacob, 1986

40.   A Cry Like a Bell, 1987

41.   Two-Part Invention, 1988

42.   An Acceptable Time, 1989

45.   Certain Women, 1992

47.   Anytime Prayers, 1994

48.   Troubling a Star, 1994

49.   Glimpses of Grace, 1996 (with Carole Chase)

50.   A Live Coal in the Sea, 1996

51.   Penguins and Golden Calves: Icons and Idols, 1996

52.   Wintersong, 1996 (with Luci Shaw)

53.   Bright Evening Star, 1997

54.   Friends for the Journey, 1997 (with Luci Shaw)

55.   Mothers and Daughters, 1997 (with Maria Rooney)

56.   Miracle on 10th Street, 1998

57.   A Full House, 1999

58.   Mothers and Sons, 1999 (with Maria Rooney)

59.   Prayerbook for Spiritual Friends, 1999 (with Luci Shaw)

60.   The Other Dog, 2001

63.   The Joys of Love, 2008


  1. This looks like a great project! I just recently learned that she had passed away too. I loved her books when I was younger. A Ring of Endless Light has always been my favorite.

  2. I had no idea she had so many books published! I remember reading some of them years ago but don't really remember any of them. I was thinking of moving on to her on audio once I get through the C.S. Lewis Narnia series. Neat plan.

  3. I was very sorry to hear that she passed as well. This looks like a great challenge. Good luck! The Time Quintet is one of my all time favorites. I haven't read any of her other books, but I'm sure they are all good.