Monday, June 3, 2013

Valleys, not just minor Keys

So, mountain top experiences are all those things one supposes they are, and yes I do love them, but they are only momentous because of the valleys and the hills between. If we all dwelt within mountain top experiences, they would be common place.

NOT big deals
NOT life changing moments
NOT times of extreme enthusiasm

And so often I find myself downplaying the value of the valley. I find them in the minor keys of life. The times when smiling hurts. When the mask is firmly planted in the workplace and only those who've seen me can see can truly still see me.

But the Valleys are MORE than waiting for another hill to summit. I read A Note for Those in the Valley And realized I had I all wrong.

The Valley is were peace is.
The Valley is were rest is.
The Valley is a sweet melody.
The Valley is Joy from the Lord

And though I may be smiling through tears,
And upset at the present,
And scared of the future,
God is sitting next me in the front porch swing.

So today I choose to remain unclimbing, still, and soaking in the sunshine that I see of the world around me that is God's, not mine.

I choose the porch, the cup of tea, and Psalms 25.
I choose Joy in a minor Key.