Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dragonquest and The White Dragon classic Anne McCaffrey

These two books are 2 and 3 of the Dragonriders of Pern series. They follow the first book about Pern, Dragonflight.
Dragonquest is a bit heavy on politics and lght on relationships. The issues between the Oldtimers and the Contemporary Dragon riders is mirrored by the the issues with the Older Land holders against the Dragon Riders. Life has changed in 400 turns and society has not remained static. Being accustomed to subservience, the dragon riders who came from the past demand higher percentages of tithe and crave a living that the holders aren't willing to provide. From that portentous start the story builds in intensity.

The White Dragon is my favorite of the series. As the white dragonrider, Jaxom is quite central to the storyline. I think I prefer the Pern books that revolve around a main charactor, rather than a political issue. However, as this book is written a few years after the first two, Anne McCaffrey wrote the first two books of the Harper Hall Trilogy in the interim. I would definately recommend first time readers to read Dragonsong and Dragonsinger before reading The White Dragon. Readers unfamiliar with the overall Pern Series will miss out on the charactor development of some pivital Harpers without the pair of books.Then one can followup The White Dragon with the 3rd of the Harper Hall series, Dragondrums.

Now if I can just locate the Harper Hall 1 and 2, because I already have #3.

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sea by Heidi Kling

Sea had great preview reviews, and so I pre-ordered it and went to it's fabulous launch party. I quite honestly can count the number of books I have pre-ordered on one hand. I am quite particular about spending pre-order prices. However the book sounded wonderful and the author was somewhat local. I took the plunge and pre-ordered Sea. I was not disappointed. If you have not checked out this new pearl of a YA book, I encourage you to check it out. Here is why I think it is terrific.

Sea by Heidi KlingHeidi Kling has written a poignant and thought provoking novel. This story is about Sienna who, while dealing with her own tragedy, travels to  tsunami tramatized Indonesia to assist her father at an orphanage. Through her encounters at the orphanage Sienna is faced with her past and her future as they collide in her present. This storyline was genuine, believable. It had witty lines, clearly crafted scenes, and plenty of unpredictability without feeling either contrived or haphazard. I loved this novel.

One main reason is that I love Sienna. She's not static. The experiences she came into the story clearly affected who she was, and the experiences she had in Indonesia further evolved Sienna. Sometimes when I read novels, I sometimes find myself repeatedly suspending disbelief. Sienna didn't have those moments.  I imagine going down to her beachside town and running into her living.

I am told Heidi is working on additional projects. I am eager to read more by her. After I met her at the launch, I see one reason why her charactors are full of life. She is surrounded by vitality. The book was inspired by some of her and her families real experiences and as she drew on those and crafted a story, she wove a a beautiful tale.

5 stars.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ah, Breathing the Big Sigh of Relief

School is out for the summer. Grades turned in, graduations attended, computers emptied, and supplies inventoried. So now I get to read, study, garden, and hve lots of fun. Tommorrow begins the day of fun. I start with 2nd Saturday, my artists meeting. It's such a lovely way to begin a Saturday. Poetry, music and 2D art is shared and a good time is always had. Still contemplating what I might bring to the group. Then it's off  to enjoy some sun. It's supposed to be in the 80's Saturday and I love the California Sun. My day O'fun continues with a fabulous Book launch Party. Sea came out Yesterday it is the debut book of Heidi R Kling. Books Inc in Palo Alto is hosting the party and I will be there soaking up the California/Indonesian fun. Then the day is rounded up by stopping at my friend's outdoor movie night. Now this is the way to begin a summer: Art, Books, Sunshine, and Friends.