Thursday, January 8, 2009

wonder of wonders

"Today is the first day of the rest of my life." Kind of a silly statement. Every today can claim that. Today is the first day of my new blog, now that is a bit more unique. I fought with a printer thise week and won. I called the trouble shooting number and did not feel talked down to. Now I am home, procrastinating, or resting before the next task. I guess it depends on one's perspective, which is pretty significant.

How one views a situation can revolutionize how they deal with it. For instance last week I was at the post office. The line was over 10 people long and there was one postal worker helping people. All around me people grumbled and some people turned and left upon arrival. Still others in front of me gave up and left. I however carry books and crochet work for these occassions. See, I used to be impatient, but now i patiently read or work on something else while in line. I see the line as an opportunity to get more reading done or work on flash cards. This perspective enables me to calmly embrace lines and patiently wait for my turn. Perspective. In this way, life really is what you make it.

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