Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Drive Thru Confusion

So, although I understand the convenience of drive-thru windows, I must confess I am not their biggest fan. At In and Out I can deal with it because their menu is very simple. At Sonic I actually like to get out and use the walk up order screens. As for most of the world's drive-thrus, I'd like to pass. There is such pressure to order quickly and move on. As I am spending my hard earned money, I prefer to take my time. Additionally, the menu's are often designed for aesthetics rather than ease of ordering. This also slows down a successful decision. Still I am sometimes drawn in by the convienence of not exiting the car. Yesterday I braved a KFC/Long John silver's Drive thru. First it seemed put together poorly. There was a choose three advertisement a car space before the menu, but no choose three options on the actual menu board. Then they had snack meals which included sides but did not list the sides, and as I discovered when ordering did not include a drink. I had never heard a a fast food meal deal not including a drink. Then they had Dr. Pepper clearly advertised on the menu board, but did not sell Dr. Pepper. Thirdly they had so many sub menus and different meal groups I should have been able to find my perfect combination, but was left overwhelmed and stymied. I vote for the KFC/Long John Silvers drive thru as the world's worst drive thru.

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