Friday, September 11, 2009

What I expected

Week three of my current job situation and I am loving it. Once a week I have a 90 minute each way commute and I've settled into a lovely routine. Every wednesday I charge up my zune, check that I have the next Mark Driscoll sermon on it and begin my day before the sun rises. I stop by my favorite Starbucks for coffee and my weekly scone. Then I head down the highway, watch sun rise, and listen to wisdom from the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Each week, as I have zipped down the road, God shows me his beautiful creation around me. Meanwhile 1 Peter is rocking my world in an excellent way. I am encouraged and challenged through listening to Mars Hill sermons. I am blessed by a commute and that was not what I have expected. I should have expected God would use my commute. I put him in charge of my commute and he has consistently ministered to me through the commute.

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