Friday, October 2, 2009

Eli Gold writes a Golden Book

Eli Gold's book, From Peanuts to the Pressbox is a certain win for any sports loving reader. In a semi-sequential format, he brings stories of his life and his interactions with an array of sports legends to life. Beginning from youth, the reader is taken on a journey as we read about Eli's broadcasting experiences throughout his life. From errand boy to minor league hockey and from broadcasting for NASCAR to the voice of the Crimson Tide Eli Gold has brought to the forefront an amazing collection of anecdotes.

Two of my favorite things about Eli's book is how his stories were entwined and the unassuming method in which he presented his biography. The book had the feel of a friend's stories by the fire or over a good cup of coffee. The stories wove through his life and between sports arenas, leaving me with a feeling that I know Eli Gold. Not only do I know about his life, I know a bit more about the person behind legendary names like Dale Earnhardt Jr., John Brophy, and Butch Owens. When he told stories of Arena football, he provided enough details so that I understood the primary differences between that and the American Football I am used to watching. When he told stories of NASCAR, I was able to follow them because he took the time to explain how the track and the broadcasting is set up at a race. These measures enabled me to understand his sports stories when I was unfamiliar with the sport.
For more information check out other reviews at the Book's Thomas Nelson Publishing's site.

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