Friday, June 11, 2010

Ah, Breathing the Big Sigh of Relief

School is out for the summer. Grades turned in, graduations attended, computers emptied, and supplies inventoried. So now I get to read, study, garden, and hve lots of fun. Tommorrow begins the day of fun. I start with 2nd Saturday, my artists meeting. It's such a lovely way to begin a Saturday. Poetry, music and 2D art is shared and a good time is always had. Still contemplating what I might bring to the group. Then it's off  to enjoy some sun. It's supposed to be in the 80's Saturday and I love the California Sun. My day O'fun continues with a fabulous Book launch Party. Sea came out Yesterday it is the debut book of Heidi R Kling. Books Inc in Palo Alto is hosting the party and I will be there soaking up the California/Indonesian fun. Then the day is rounded up by stopping at my friend's outdoor movie night. Now this is the way to begin a summer: Art, Books, Sunshine, and Friends.

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