Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3

I took the summer off from blogging and now seemed to have dissapeared from CyberSpace. Actually I took the summer off from most electronic communincation. It was amazing. I was outdoors a lot. I did read some great books. I loved The Kingdom of Ohio. Very Nabokov. Then I reread more Pern books. (Dragons who read minds, who doesn;t love that stuff.)

August arrived and school arrived with a vengeance. I was plunged into teacher mode with approximately 400 students. It has been a bit amazing. I hermited a bit much last year and so have made it my mission this year to get out of my bubble and off my computer in the evenings. However, I didn't mean to fall off the blogger truck. I certainly need to strive to find a healthy level of blogging that will also allow me time to hang out with friends and participate in more crazy adventures like my last weekend.

Speaking of last weekend. I decided to be Amy Pond for the Saturday costume concert. So my friend who was going with me to the concert decided to be the the 11th Doctor. I cannot stress just how big of Doctor Who fans the pair of us are. However, he did not own a crazy bowtie. So we took off Saturday (yes I realize we may have had more success if we'd planned ahead.) to hunt down a bowtie. We failed miserably. We looked iin all sorts of places, Random inport clothing stores, thrift stores, consignment stores, department stores, mall stores, Target, and yet all to no avail. He ended up wearing his plain black one. This will be remedied before our next attempt. I figure if he picks out material, I can handle sewing a simple bowtie.

The concert was Fantastic. Two local punk bands, followed by two Ska bands. Great times, mosh pits, skanking, and an all around good time. I was a bit sore Sunday. It was worth it.

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