Monday, December 20, 2010

The Adventures of Rusty and Ginger Fox.

The Adventures of Rusty and Ginger Fox is the perfect purchase for nature lovers of all ages. My preschool niece would love the animal pictures and grow into discovering the facts and story. My 13 year old friend would find it a lovely addition to her animal books. I love read not only the story, but the interesting bits of information about each forest animal.

 When I received this book in the mail from Phenix and Phenix Publishers I fell in love with the book immediately. The book's cover is lovely enough to grace a coffee table, bright enough to captivate children, and elegant enough for gifting nature lovers of all ages. Then I opened the book and was not dissapointed. The book follows two fox kits as they set out to discover the world around them. Each time they encounter a new species in the forest, the authors pause the story and provide real information about the animal. As the foxes see cougars, bears, and other forest dwellers, the readers, learn great facts like, "Cougars can jump up to 18 feet high." The photographs in the book are artfully taken, and beautifully cropped. Tim Ostermeyer's photography skills are undeniably a highlight in the book. Every page is new picture of either the fox kits or another animal they encouter. And if the picture are not enough  enchantment for the young reader, the  book ends with a bit of whimsy and treasure.

The author and photographer Tim Ostermeyer currently loves in Allen Texas and had been taking wildlife pictures for the last 20 years. For more information in the book, to find coloring sheets of Rusty and Ginger, or to find out more about TIm Ostermeyere one can visit or .

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