Thursday, October 3, 2013

The House

 The House-  A Poem

Insidious foundations
a building crafted on craftiness
The walls a clever brickwork
Steeples designed for public viewing
From the outside beauty 
thick stucco reliefs for all to admire
impregnable fortress 
Firewalls constructed for protection
Beneath facades of misdirection
While hiding inside
The cracks that threaten
A design for solidarity
Trap doors tender brokeness
Hidden rooms fill with doubt
Not mortar or more veneer
The house cannot be mended
Flames higher than rooftops
Implosions and downfall
The building begin again
Using solid foundations

1 comment :

  1. interesting.... you are so much better at poetry than I will ever be. I can read a poem of yours that you wrote sometime ago and get something completely different out of it than maybe 2 years ago. so I guess we all interrupt differently. I would say this is not a house at all. but I like what it says to ME.