Monday, October 5, 2009

Coupon Savings

I went to Safeway today armed with a flexible list, my coupon book and a willingness to not buy things unless they were on sale. Finally after a few months of clipping coupons, I am in the groove. I used coupons and sales to really maximize my budget. Crackers, Chocolate Chips, Yogurt, Diced Tomatoes, and Frozen vegetables all were on sale and savings maximized with coupons. I finally see the rewards. I spent $33 today and saved $29.

My sister-in–law has been an amazing inspiration. At her site she is always encouraging coupon use and thrifty shopping techniques. So I have been watching ads better and clipping coupons. Now I am cross-referencing them and the savings is really adding up. I am convinced it is worth my while. I have room to grow, and am aiming for saving more than I spend when I leave the grocery store. So my words to you. Stretch your food budget with some wise shopping. Get the Sunday paper, clip the coupons, check the sales ads and watch the token sales that only offer 5-10% off. Have fun saving.

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