Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Alanna:The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce

And so I have returned again to Tortall. Tamora Pierce is skilled in crafting the story of the young and determined girl. Again, she has taken this strategy. Alanna and her twin brother were being sent off, but not where they want to go. Alanna devises a scheme to instead enter into training towards knighthood. She disguises herself as a boy and begins Page training as Alan. It was wonderful to learn about some early days of Alanna. She appears as an adult in some of the other books and so reading about her formative years is intriguing.

I would suggest reading the Alanna series before reading the Keladry series. Since they are both set in the same location but years apart, some of the young in Alanna's time are adults in Keladry's time. It might be more fun to meet them young and then revisit them as adults.

3 out 5 stars. It is a nice book, but since I had no problem setting it aside multiple times over the last month, I know I wasn't entralled with it as I was her book Trickster's Queen.

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  1. I am glad to have read the Alanna books first because I really enjoyed them, and it was much later that discovered I loved Trickster's Choice & Queen even more. I think if I had read Aly's books before Alanna's, I would have been less enamored with the Song of the Lioness books.