Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

Happy May Day!

With the coming of May, I worked for hours in the garden trying to tame wild bushes, monitor baby vegetable plants,^ and round up threatening snails. My reading amount has been minimal, and the books I have read, have been for the most part disappointing.
I did not terrible enjoy The Fairie Path. The Fairie Path had a very predictable plot. I also found the writing a bit tangled. It had mixed reviews. Yet the cover was inviting sitting prettily on the library shelf. Suffice to say I am not sure I want to spend the time trying to write up a full length review about it.

The Chosen One does deserve a review. Although I was not in love with it, there were many merits and so soon I shall share what I did like. Maybe I’ll write that one up this evening.

I am also hard at working helping construct props for the play she is directing. She is doing Alice and Wonderland. I have drawn doors, shelves, animals, and flowers. Now I am in the middle of creating caterpillars’ mushroom for the 12 year old who is playing the caterpillar to perch upon.* I have a round table as the base and am using my paper mache skills to craft much of the mushroom clump. It’s given me a craving for the land of Oz. I did love that series as a child.

I did read one amazing book in the last couple weeks called Plan B by Pete Wilson. Be sure to check out my review on May 3rd. The book comes out May 4th.

School is in the last five weeks and as that happens I know my time will be even more crunched. Between wrapping up the school year at three locations, ramping up for the summer program** at one location and remembering to have fun May will be a busy month. I am quite excited for it. If the books I read are good, there will also be some book reviews and hopefully next week I can continue My 2 Cents Cinema^^ reviews.

Happy May Day. Did anyone participate in May pole dances. I've always wanted to try weaving the ribbons around a pole, but alas I have only watched them on tv. I looked up maypoles and discovered what I always imagine is the British tradition, but all over Europe there are May Pole traditions. I know it has pagan roots. The lure of spring dress and spring flowers on a grassy field still call to me.


^My thriving herb garden: rosemary, oregano, sage, marjoram, mint, and lavender. My vegetable garden: Radishes, which are not thriving. Zucchini, which are up to 4 leaves a plant. Tomatoes, which have the first baby green tomatoes. Peas, which are trailing nicely up the trellis. I am nearly out of room. I had marigolds in the garden but they all fell prey to the relentless snails.
*Do caterpillars perch? I know birds do, however I am not sure that caterpillars do. Maybe they lounge?
**Seriously a computer component all designed by me. This is huge! We are doing an online adventure in different ecosystems and creating an interactive journal of our adventure.
^^How does that sound for my weekly movie review I’ve tried to institute? Usually I have at least two quality things to say. I haven’t seen it anywhere. Actually I was thinking of experimenting with

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  1. I completely ignored my garden this year. Too wet, I told people. Nope. I was just too tired.

    Unlike you, things should slow down considerably for me in the remaining five weeks of school. Thank goodness.