Friday, March 5, 2010

Factoids #1 (those bits of knowledge that would be great on a game show)

I love learning. I think I enjoy collecting and dissemenating random bits of trivia as well as practical knowledge. I guess teaching is pretty good profession for me. I am constantly learning things. I have decided to share some of my random collection knowledge with the world. So below are things I learned this week.

  • Ostriches are flightless birds. I read about them for a 4th grade class assignment. I learned they can run over 40 mph. They can be 9 ft tall. Their eggs weigh at least 3lbs and would take over one hour to boil it. They are bred in over 50 countries. Their plumage was most popular in the past. Now their hide and meat are more popular. For more information try these two sites  American Ostrich Association and San Diego Zoo.
  • I studied The Plantagenet Family Tree as I was reading the White Queen. The Mysterious Princes in the castle were Richard and Edward. They were in the house of York. They were sons of Edward the IV. They were brothers to Elizabeth of York. She married Henry VII, the first King from the house of Tudor. Which means the missing boys were Henry VIII's uncles. I found that bit of trivia very interesting. Here I was just one generation back from the Tudor reign and in a whole new world of court intrigue.  British Family Trees

What new facts have you learned this last week?

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