Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Ramblings

My nephew is two. I remember recieving the phone call when he was born. I remember seeing him when he was tiny and now he is a barrel of energy. I love talking with him and his big sister. They are vibrant and so full of life.

I was thinking about Spring Cleaning. What exactly does that entail? I was thinking at my place it ought to include the drapes, but then how do I clean them? Can they go in the washingmachine? What if they don't survive their bath. I do think my kitchen cabinets could use a good wipe down. Maybe if I made a list of all things spring cleaning entails I would have fun crossing off the things when they are completed.

I'm trying out the bounce dryer bar. I had a coupon. The first load smells really nice. I guess the real test is then how long the bar lasts.

I picked up War and Peace to check it out. Do normal people do that? Do I want to be normal? I've not read any of the crazy long Russian novels, but I like Nabokov and Chekov so I might like it. I think I'm a bit ambitious to try and read it. Even if I like it, It will take time to read.

I watched the river otters at the zoo yesterday for pver 30 minutes. It was fantastic. There were other interesting scenes at the zoo, but nothing beat the three otters swimming and cavorting in their exhibit. They are very cool animals. If they weren't wild I think I would like one as a pet. The Meerkats were pretty fun to watch as well. They're a matriarchial society, which I think would be interesting to study. Actually watching these two animals got me thinking about animals living in community. There were animals who prefered to be alone, but most seemed happy in a community. Any type of community one can imagine seems to be present in animal life. Is there a  democractic animal community? I should look that up.

I was reading about Sarah, the wife of Abraham this week. Interesting story, You know we don't know much about her life before she was 65. What we do know is in a life where childrengave value to the wife, she was barren. It's not surprising then if she wasn't perfect. I'm guessing she was laughed at or shunned at the watering hole.

Okay, I think that's enough

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