Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It was the perfect audio book. The words filled my car as I drove down the road and I followed Meggie through the highs and lows she went through as the book progressed. The book opened describing Meggie and her father Mo. From that moment, their adoration for books won my heart. I would have followed the pair on any adventure they had desired to take. However, I was quite unprepared for the actual adventure we took in Inkheart. Written originally in German by author Corneilia Funck, the names were a bit unusual, but as they were sounded out for me, I did not have to stumble over them.

If you have not managed to read Inkheart, do consider it. Within the covers are book lovers, thieves, fairies, and fire eaters. I shall not write more about the plot, for if like me you have not watched the movie, then I do not want to spoil the joy of learning what occurs along with the characters in the book. I now have the movie and shall let you know what I think about it as well.

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  1. I'll be curious to see what you think of the movie. I just can't picture Brendan Fraser as Mo. I mostly loved the book, it just got a little repetitive for me. I added tons of quotes from it onto my GoodReads though.

  2. I have been interested in this book, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I've snagged some quotes from her on Goodreads, too!