Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Musing.

The weekend afforded less down time than I imagined.My two hour comuter task became a 7 hour task, then I discovered today that the last two hours were not saved. Ergh. My back was still hurting over a week after it started and I'm still unclear what set it off aching (I think moderate exercise might be good for it though) Sore bodies make everything take longer. I did get to watch Dr Who: The Waters of Mars. For David Tennent fans, it will not dissappoint. He is brilliant in this episode.

Monday has come and I am determined to make the best of my week. So far I've had some successes and some areas to grow. School went well today. I managed to avoid buying ice cream on the way home, but did buy a Dr Pepper. I'm not sure if that is better or not, but I feel like it was a better choice. I did not exercise, I will try to on Tuesday. Why is it so easy to consume sugar, and so difficult to work out.

I did limit my TV watching. I'm trying to limit it to 1 hour a day, which is much different than the 3-4 hours it is usually on. My roommate is trying to do no hours, so we are in this together. We even cut our cable to minimum However that had the interesting side effect of now providing me with the Syfy channel. Oh how I love Science Fiction. I could watch Stargate or Dr. Who repeatedly. I love Battle Star and Santuary. I;m even giving Caprica a go.  Until Friday, we had no syfy channel. I was limited to watch I could get on Hulu and Netflix. I have no idea how I got syfy, but I am beside myself with glee.

So now it is 8:25, my chores are done, my grading is done, my emailing is done, and I can the last 80 pages in my current read. Robin McKinley's Sunshine. Look for the review in the near future. I do have things to say.

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