Friday, January 22, 2010

Finishing Fallen

Okay, first off I didn't wait until I had both books finished. I did finish one, but then Fallen's cover beckoned me. I discarded my other library book, which will now need renewing in order to finish. If you have not seen the cover of Fallen in full size, I must share that it is much more haunting and inticing in person that as a tiny picture on a blog site.

Okay first impressions: I loved the book and am reluctantly passing it onto my friend to read, before I reread it, which I definately must do.

Review: When I purchased the book, I took a risk based on the reviews of my fellow book review bloggers. Most of the reviews I had read gave Fallen rave reviews. I added it to my borders shopping cart and waited for it's arrival. Then when I began reading it, I had a bit of trouble getting into the book. The first couple chapters were not terribly engaging, but I had purchased the book and was determined to give it a go. So I read onto chapter 3 and from that point on all my spare moments were filled with devouring the book.

There were parts of this story that are quite predictable, however as I was discussing relationships in movies and books with a friend, I realised that there are things that have to be predictable or they come out of knowhere and appear incongruent with the story. The story overall was full of intrigue and new revelations. There were plenty of twists to keep one guessing. One of the characters suggests to Luce she will have to learn the truth one chapter at a time, and that is what I would also suggest to the reader. Get the book and prepare yourself for an intense and enjoyable time with the students at Skull and Cross.

What is it all about: (If I really answered that question, I would be filling the blog with spoilers) Luce, short for Lucinda arrived at Skull and Cross school and begins to interact with the student population, who are clearly hiding pasts. Since Skull and Cross is a reform school, and she has her own past to hide, Luce accepts  her new friends secretive nature. However, this state of the unknown does not extend to Daniel the boy who she is drawn too.

My favorite Character: Arianne. I loved that her personality was a study in contrasts. She was hard and soft at the same time. She kept her own secrets secret, yet she exteneded a welcoming arm of friendship. She was at the same time impulsive and far thinking. I imagine she would be a blast as a friend.

Okay enought said, anything else would just be filled with spoilers. I think that's why I am willing to share the book so I can converse with someone and debrief without ruining the read for another.

Completing this book is part of two challenges
Speculative Fiction Challenge 2010
Fantasy Reading Challenge 2010


  1. Great review! I agree and yes the cover is beautiful. I also enjoyed The Other Queen but not as much as previous novels that Philippa Gregory has written. Have a great weekend!

  2. I still haven't gotten around to reading Fallen yet, but I'm glad to see yet another great review on it! I'll get to it eventually.