Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Makeup has a shelf life...

The Today Show 's segment on makeup shelf life. It was eye opening.

Okay I always knew that Mascara was suppossed to be thrown out every three months just like a tootbrush, but I had no idea other make up items had such a short shelf life.  Lipglosses with wands have only a 3 month shelf life, while lipsticks have about a 1 year shelf life. They also discussed spf products, eyeliners, foundation, brushes, and cream verses powder shadows. I have cleaned out my cabinet. Actually it was very kathartic. While I was on a role, I sorted my nail polish too, tossing the glumpy.

The best part about getting rid of all the excess, the old, and the expired products in my make up drawer, is now I get to shop for new products. I have two places that I love. Online I visit Eyes Lips Face. It has makeup for as little as $1.00. I love their customizable eye shadow and their shimmer facial whip. The other place I go is Sephora. When I go into their store I am always a little overwhelmed. I head over to the Sephora brand line and reorientate myself. I love their tiny nail polish bottles, because I never run out polisg before the nail polish goes bad. I also love their waterproof mascara. It really stays in place. So, now I get to find some lovely new products.

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