Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weight of the World

This weekend has been difficult at best and frustratingly unaccomplished. I woke up Saturday to another grey and rainy day. The sun poked itself out for a few scattered moments. I did manage a walk in the morning with a friend, but returned to my house only to develop a headache that I have still not shaken a full day later.

Today, I feel listless. My plans for the afternoon have been canceled because of the continued rain. I have a stack of books I cannot begin, a pile of yarn that I cannot crochet, and a list of chores I cannot begin. The really sad part is I am really okay with curling up on the couch with tea and the remote control. I feel like I’m slipping into sadness.

I have gotten dressed up in a favorite new outfit, put make up and fixed my hair, so why do I still feel yucky. I ought to pursue something creative, as that always helps, before I go to church tonight. Otherwise I will be dreadful company. So, I will stop my complaining, pull out my apron, drag out my paints and try to get out of this funk.

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