Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Trickster's Choice

I have now been introduced to the world of Tortall, imagined by Tamora Pierce. I picked up The Trickster's Choice at the airport bookstore after wandering around wishing I had my list of to be reads. I am terrible with names, so I am always forgetting new author's names. So I finally decided to play it safe in the the YA section. I found this book and had no idea the boon I was about to discover. I loved the book and am eager to read the next book as it is part of a trilogy within the Tortall books.

Aly, a well bred Tortellan lady of 16 years, ends up in the Golden isles. Once in the islands she is caught up in court intrigue, wagers with the Trickster God, and issues between the Raka and the Luarin that go back hundreds of years. She meets an array of courageous and charming people. The reader becomes acquainted unforgetable Tawat, the calculating Chenaol, and the benevolent Mequen. I am eager to read the next book in order to see what happens to my favorite characters.

This book fulfills one book in my Speculative Fiction Challenge 2010.
This book fulfills one book in my Fantasy Fiction Challenge 2010

For More information on Tamora Pierce and her many books try her website.

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  1. I've looked at this a few times, but wasn't sure. Now I just might have to pick it up! Isn't it great when you accidentally end up with a great book!