Monday, February 15, 2010

The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson and The Olympians

I love the series and I shared my books with 3 more people. Opening day of the movie was Friday and I had a lot of fun watching the movie with a few friends. All who watched it, loved it. The movie was a bit different than the first book. However, I've come to appreciate the differences in media between the printed text and a moving picture. Not everything translates well between the two. Differences must occur. That being said, There were things I was dissappointed about. There were characters I missed and some changes that I felt were out of character with the overall world created by Riordan.

Would I recommend the movie? Yes.
For people who loved the books, keep an open mind. For people who haven't read them, you get to watch without syncronization issues, so enjoy it.


  1. So this is one you would recommend watching the movie first and then following with the book? I have one friend who took her 10 year old to see the movie and now he wants to read the book. Someone else was saying the movie was disappointing if you have already read the book.

    Honestly, I am hoping that this is a book that will capture my daughters attention and she won't be able to put it down. I am almost afraid that if we do the movie first she won't have to finish it as quickly as possible.

    Although I haven't read it yet either, so maybe I should read it before I have her read it. I dunno.

  2. I had a 6th grade girl and then 2nd grade boy devour the books including having their mom text me to remember and bring the next in the series when I came over. They are readers, but I had not seen the boy so absorbed in literature before it. There are significant differences between the two medias, so I think either the book or the movie first is fine. However the book will probably be more attention capturing without the movie in one's head.