Monday, February 1, 2010

Terrier, first of 3 Beka Cooper Books. by Tamora Pierce

I checked this out from my local library as an audio book. I loved Terrier. The narrator was an excellent reader. By the time the first CD was completed, I was eager to travel in my car in order to continue the story.

The story is set in Tortall. In the city of Korus, Beka Cooper was a trainie in the Provost Guards. Called a puppy, she was assigned to two senior guards. Her dogs were the legendary Goodwin and Tunstall. Assigned to the lower city, Beka begins to see her childhood home through the eyes of a guard. Beka had an unusual purple eyed cat and more unusual talents. Her granny called it a bit of magic. Although no lower city dog has an easy life, her puppy training takes an abrupt uphill curve when she begins investigating, not one but two cases of missing folk. She gathers caring folk from the lower city including those not completely on the side of the law into a team determined to set some things right.

Having finished the book in it's audio version I can say I have enjoyed both reading (seemy review of Trickster's Choice) and listening to Tamora Pierce. Her characters have strengths and flaws. Beka is determined to protect the vulnerable, and yet at the same time timid to speak up. Her characters seem to grow. The difference between Beka at the beginning and end of the book clearly reflects her adventures within the book. Thirdly, I appreciate how Tamora has created an imaginary world full of fantasy, still enabling the reader to connect with the structure and the fabric of the life. Tortall is rich and unique, yet there is much that I can see in my own country.

I give this book a 5 out of 5. I would definately read or listen to it again.
If you have not read a Tamora Pierce book, check this one out. And, if you an audio book listener, consider giving it a listen.

This audio book fulfils a book in Fantasy Challenge 2010

This audio book also fufills a book in Speculative Fiction 2010

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