Friday, February 26, 2010


I finished Persuasion by Jane Austen this week. It was not my favorite Jane Austen book. So here is my theory. I watched multiple versions of Emma before I read it and love it. I watched muliptle versions of Pride and Prejudice before reading it and loved it. I had no prior knowledge outside of the back book cover of Persuasion and it was a challenging book. So my theory is that part of the enjoyment when I read Austen is foreknowledge. Reading the cleverly written lines, while knowing full well what is going to happen later is a major part of my enjoyment. I the faux pas of Emma, as she bungles match making and  mixes up friendships are so much funnier knowing how the story ends. So here's what I plan on doing. Step one watch Persuasion. Step two read Persuasion again. I feel it didn't have the same change Austen's other books had.

At this point I would give Persasion a 3 out of 5.
This book is part of the Austen Challenge.
This book is part of the 451 Challenge.
Persuasion is the story of Ann Elliots. She lives with her sister Elizabeth and Father Sir Walter. Do to exravagent spending they lease out their property and move into simplier lodgings in Bath. However Anne spends time with her married sister Mary's and at the Lady Russell before joing her father in Bath. During those days, she meets back up with Frederick Wentworth, her love from 8 years ago. Through a series of events including new connections, families, and old associates, Jane Austen crafts a beautiful story around the life of Anne Elliot.

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  1. I watched the BBC TV movie of Pesrsuation... Didn't like the story as much as "Pride & Prejudice"...

    Many people suggested to read the books first (not just Jane Austen's books but any author's) before watching the movie versions...

    Interesting to hear that you like watching the movies first before reading the books.