Monday, February 1, 2010

Mail Box Monday Feb 1

I was convinced that I would not buy, borrow, or acquire any new books this last week, and then I walkked into  B&N needing to kill a half hour. I have two new books. They were only $2 each are not fiction. That helps.
This first is The Acrylic Pain Color Wheel Book by John Barber. (no picture found) I'm hoping to improve my color mixing abilities.
The second is Pretty Little Patchwork, which is full of patch quilt projects. I think it will be instructive and a useful companion to my newish sewing machine.

So that is all. Not a lot to report.

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  1. I'm the same, if I step into a bookstore, I will always end up coming out with new books purchased... This is why I will kill time in any place and not in a bookstore anymore...But it's not easy, they are on every corner....