Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sisters Who Would Be Queen

Sister's Who Would Be Queen by Leanda de Lisle is a Non-fiction account of The Grey sisters, who were Grand-nieces of Henry VIII.

Borders Description: "Mary, Katherine, and Jane Grey--sisters whose mere existence nearly toppled a kingdom and altered a nation's destiny--are the captivating subjects of de Lisle's book. The author breathes fresh life into these three women's lives and provides perspective on their place within history."

After reading a few positive reviews and the above description I was eager to get my hands on the book. I had to do an inter-library loan to acquire the book. I'd read both fiction and non-fiction books about Jane before and honestly knew little about her sisters. I finally began the book a few days ago.

The Good: I thought the book was very well reseached. The author takes time to not only elucidate facts, but also to dispell common myths. I appreciated that. Additionally, I felt the book was very readable and neatly organized. I also loved the family trees in the beginning of the book.

The Negative: The great number of people in the Grey sister's life would be overwelming for someone not steeped in Tudor life. I would have appreciated a glossary of people. The other issue is the book was quite Jane heavy. Since both Katherine and Mary outlived their sister, I had expected a higher percentage of their life included.

Reccomendation: Those who enjoy reading about English history, particularily the Tudor era, will enjoy this very readable non-fiction account of the Grey family. I would be careful reccommending this to a Novice to the Tudor era.

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  1. seems like an interesting book, I will remember to read this one.