Thursday, April 8, 2010

Doctor Who and the Androids Invasion

This book has the Tardis landing with Sarah Jane Smith and the 4th Doctor in the English countryside. They almost immediately come across androids and begin to realise all is not as it appears. The Kraals are setting the stage for invading Earth and once again only the Doctor can save mankind.

The book is a quick read and  full of Doctor Who moments. The dialogue sounds like the Doctor. Besides the Doctor and Sarah Jane, UNIT, robots, and aliens all make appearances. Additionally, just like in the show, the Doctor continues to elude death and overcome insurmountable obstacles. I had great fun reading this novel. However if one is not a Doctor Who fan, this book is probably not for them. The book is not without flaws. There were many plot points that were lightly skimmed over and some jumps in the narrative that left me wishing they have fleshed out the story more. A final thought a knowledge of the Doctor Who universe is assumed in the book. Therefore it is not a starter novel. I'd try watching the 9th Doctor first 3 episodes.

3.5 out 5 stars. If you love Doctor Who and enjoy reading, then this book will be loads of fun. If you are unfamiliar with Doctor Who, this book might leave you a by underenchanted and mystified.

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