Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mini Challenge for Hour 14

Books into Movies.

Here was the Mission and I chose to accept it: "Think of your favorite book – has it been made into a movie? If not (and maybe you’ll need to go to your 2nd favorite book and so on), tell me if you’d like to see it made into a movie and pick one character from the book and give me information on which actor you’d love to see cast in the part."

Dragonflight. It is the first book of the Pern series. There are so many great things in Pern. Dragons who speak telepathically to their riders, Harpers who both perform and teach the nation, and and otherworld agrarian lifestyle that is reminenscent of medieval times. Imagine dragons flying with humans defeating dangerous threads falling from the sky with dragon flames. Imagine vast landscapes of fields and age old stone structures with mountains in the background. Admid all that there are also duels, dragon egg hatchings, and holder revolts. Who wouldn't want to watch...

As for charactors. One of my favorite charactors is F'nor. His resides in Benden Weyr as dragonrider to Canth a brown dragon. His brother, the bronze wing leader is  determined and calculating. F'nor provides a tempering of his brother's guarded persona. He seems relaxed and personable, while clever and dependable. All the things a great leader needs in a wing man, which he is in more way than one to his brother. An actor who played F'nor would  need to be able to display fierce loyalty, compassionate sympathy, and cheerful lightheartedness.
I think Michael Shanks would make a phenomenal F'nor the brown rider. Below is a picture of him from his website that provides additional support. (He is known best for his work as Daniel Jackson in Stargate SG-1)

This mini-challenge is hosted by The Lost Entwife

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