Saturday, April 24, 2010

Doctor Who

Saturday Movie Review

This last week I did not watch any new movies. So I'm switching up the review to share with my readers about my favorite television series. Doctor Who first ran from 1963-1989 on British television. It has spanned the generations and continues to endure through the conviently imagined regeneration of the doctor. 
Doctor Who on BBC America

My 1st Cents: The writing is clever, brilliant in fact. When BBC Wales revived the Doctor Who television series the 9th Docor, played by Christopher Eccleson brought the charisma of the Doctor back to life with a new instensity. I remember running across him on the Syfy channel. He was wonderful and vibrant. I fell in love with him along with his companion Rose. And then the first series ended and he regenerated. I was a bit devestated. I researched Doctor Who and found first the Doctor regenerates as a way to heal. Secondly, I found a whole world of Doctors from the earlier three decades. My favorite of the earlier Doctors is played by Tom Baker. Each Doctor is the same, yet also distinctly different.

My 2nd Cents: Series 2-4 are played by David Tennant, the 10th Doctor. He was a most wonderful Doctor. His eyes carried the depth of the Doctor's long live, while his frenetic interactions provided a youth and vitality to his portrayal. His cobbled together Tardis and Time Lord technology, brings a journey of epic proportions to the viewers. And yet somewhere in the journey we learn about the value of all sentient life. Always valuing life, always looking for the greater good, the Doctor and his companions journey throughout time and space.

Final Thoughts: Series 5 began this April on BBC America. The 11th Doctor, played by Matt Smith is adventuring on a whole new seriess of journeys. I haven't scene it yet because I don't get BBC America, but I'm told it is fresh, sassy, and downright brilliant.

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  1. I love Doctor Who too! I'm a bit devastated that it isn't on Syfy anymore so I can't watch the new episodes :-(

    XOXO~ Renee