Monday, April 5, 2010

eco-friendly craft project and organization all in one

Okay, so after reading all these lovely post of reusing and repurposing, I began saving all my cereal boxes. I gathered a group of the boxes that will stack neatly together.

I put tape all the way around the stack of cereal boxes in order to hold them tightly together.

Then I took another cereal box and taped it to the bottom of the boxes in order to create a smooth and flat surface.

Then I began cutting the box tops at a slant with a razor blade. Here is how I started.

Here is what the boxes looked like when I had finished cutting them. If I did this project again I may consider cutting these boxes before I taped them together. It was a bit challenging to cut the inner boxes.

Then I began to modpodge book pages over the outside.

Here is one view after the second layer of modgepodge.

Here is the project standing up. I've already put it into use on my desk.

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  1. Excellent... Thanx for this post! I followed your tips, but used my glue gun to attach the boxes together and I did cut them beforehand!! :-D