Thursday, April 1, 2010

Page (Protector of the Small book #2)

This is book two in her Protector of the Small series. Though the review will not likely have spoilers for it, it may contain spoilers of the first book.

Summary: Keladry of Mendoloyn returns to her second year full of Hope. She will continue to train on Peach Blossom, the temperamental horse assigned to her for training. Returning this year are her adversaries Joram and his gang, her companions including Merck and Neal, and her Sparrows. She acquires a personal maid and befriends a dog. With her assortment of companions she strives to excel in her Page training and prepare for her large tests. As in the first book Kel, defends the weak and small, while stirring up a whole mess of trouble for herself.

Review: I listened to this book as I did book one and love hearing the story of Kel. These books are aimed at a slightly younger age range than some of the other books of Tortall. There is an innocence to Kel that I appreciate and a simplicity to the language that I find easy to follow. I hope that I can find book three in audio format too. My one regret is while the first book spanned a year, this one spanned a longer time and so it seemed to skip a lot of details and events to avoid making the book longer than the first book. I would have loved more details. I loved the first book more, yet I will seek out the third book.

This book is part of the Speculative Fiction 2010 Book Challenge
This book is part of the Fantasy 2010 Book Challenge

3.5 out 5 stars

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