Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ink Heart Movie Review

Inkheart the Movie

The movie was different than the book, but not in the annoying how could they do that to my charactors way. The characters kept true to their natures. I have learned to appreciate that films and books of the same plot must employ differences in order to create both as quality experiences. Many aspects do not translate between the two neatly. Therefore I can accept changes within reason. Meggie was even lovelier than I imagined, Cordelia was exactly as I pictured her, and most of the others were within a reasonable similarity. My only issue with casting is Farhid seemed a lot older than in the book.

Summary: Mo has a silver tongue, and that is the beginning of his problems. Dustfinger and Capricorn both want to use Mo for their own plans. As Meggie , her father Mo, and their Aunt Cordelia get caught up in the schemes and evil plans of Capricorn the world is changed for Meggie and new realities are brought to light.

If you are fond of the book, the movie is worth watching.

I would give the film 3.5 out of 5

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