Saturday, April 10, 2010

Get the Hecck out of Here mini challenge

1.What steps did you take to ensure you’d be able to read as much as possible today?
I cleaned house, started a crockpot of Chili on Friday, baked fresh bread, moved my saturday walk to Friday, gathered beverages and snacks, and stacked all my half read and TBR books in one location.

2.Of those steps, which proved to be the most beneficial to your day?
I would say the gathering of food and the clean house were the most beneficial.

3.Is there anything you might do differently next time?
Find a local friend to at least read part of the 'athon with. Maybe a series of friends.
Get the Heck out of Here mini challenge hosted by Literate Housewife


  1. Getting a group of people together locally would be a great idea. Thanks so much for playing along!

  2. I think the idea to have a friend there with you reading is a fabulous one! It would make things much more manageable of course and you could have someone to chat with along the way. Great suggestion for next time!
    Here's a little cheer just for fun:
    Make sure 2 blink,but not too long!You don't want 2 fall asleep in the middle of that next great book!
    Keep up the great reading!