Saturday, April 10, 2010

Once Upon a Reading: Sarah's Turn

One Persons Journey is hosting this mine-challenge.

It had been a long winter. She was alone and there was no going back on her promises. The Trickster's Choice had taken her grandmother quickly and with it all those whom she loved, Then Voices of Dragons began to call to her in the night. She pondered their meanings while, planting her garden that fateful early spring day.

The White Dragon dropped down quietly and fixed it whirling Dragonseye upon her until she looked up from her row of squash seedlings. She knew immediately that it was the dragon of her dream. Dragons really were Beautiful Creatures. The voice in her head spoke as clearly as if it had been audible. Sarah, it is time to leave The Island. Then the dragon explained the dire need and the urgency of stealth.

Springing into action, Sarah climbed the three flights of stairs quickly. Once In Grandma's Attic, she began searching for something, anything warm to wear on her Dragonflight. The dragon had said it would need to be a Night Flight. Humans take strangely to seeing them in the air and the night hid them. Searching through trunks, she found a Faded coat of Blue. She quickly put it one and took the stairs downward two at a time. She picked up her worn out duffle bag and began to fill it with essentials like shirts and Socks. Then she added a bit of Sea Glass, her mother's Chalice, and father's pocketwatch. It wasn't much, but it was a bit of home, in case she never returned to her home.

Quietly descending the steps on her porch and looked again into The Eyes of a Dragon, smiling a hopeful smile. Dusk was descending and Sarah a Dragonsinger by heritage climbed onto the large back of the dragon. This was where her father had Gone when she was only three into the battle against the ancient ones. Now she, the last in a line of singers would journey also to the Rainbow's End.


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  1. I've got some of those titles on my stack and will look at them in a whole new way! Great job.